An Innovative New Way to Encourage Children Battling Neuroblastoma

“Spent some time this morning getting a clearer understanding about this Love Transfusion program. IT IS WONDERFUL!!! What a great idea! There is such a HUGE need for this… It’s a lonely and scary road out there for so many. What a HUGE difference this could make in so many lives.”

Debbie O.
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

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Love Transfusion, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization ~ Tax ID # 27-2829895          Newark, Delaware

Why Share Your Child’s Story?

At Love Transfusion, we’ve found that by connecting children battling neuroblastoma with people who care, the resulting expressions of love and support help them significantly through their journey. Our mission is to provide simple, safe and effective ways of communicating encouragement to the kids, as well as their families, from a community of supporters.

We are here for your child.  Many people in our community have battled neuroblastoma themselves. If you are interested in sharing your child’s story with us, we will be glad to help raise awareness of their situation and provide the same type of support as those feature in the video experienced. See example here.

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    The following are a few past Love Transfusion Recipients.  Click an individual picture to see their story or scroll through all of them here:

    Neuroblastoma is a neuroendocrine tumor, arising from any neural crest element of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). It most frequently originates in one of the adrenal glands, but can also develop in nerve tissues in the neck, chest, abdomen, or pelvis. (Source: Wikipedia)