Did You Know The Internet Provides Innovative New Ways To Reduce Suffering?

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Love Transfusion, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization ~ Tax ID # 27-2829895          Newark, Delaware

If You Could Help Someone By Simply Clicking A Button – Would You Do It?

The sad fact is that people all around us are in the grip of fear, pain and loneliness. We’ve found that by connecting these individuals with people who care — the resulting expressions of love and support help them significantly through their journey. Our mission is to provide simple, safe and effective ways of connecting people from all walks of life who are battling crisis situations with a community of supporters.

“For the first time in history because of the Internet and mobile devices, the world now has the ability to instantaneously communicate love and support with the click of a button.”

“Oh wow, you guys have made our night, week, month… my daughter is so excited. She is absolutely over the moon! Thank you for your love and prayers and well wishes. Thank you so very much Love Transfusion.”

Miette – Brain CancerNatalie S. - Australia

“Elizabeth was so excited to see all the well wishes and prayers sent from so many people.  It was absolutely amazing! Thank you for being so sweet and considerate!”

Elizabeth – Brain TumorLisa M. - Decatur, AR

“Thank you for the awesome support!”

Alex – Bone CancerAlex R. - Orlando, Florida

“Love Transfusion is a fantastic idea, and gives people hope and to let people know that there are people who care. I am truly amazing by all of the support. Your page gave me hope knowing there are people around the world that care. Thank you for such a wonderful peace of mind and support. Knowing I’m not alone.”

Lauren – LeukemiaLauren J. - Australia

“Your support was so uplifting for us and it really helped lift our spirits through a very (at the time) soul-destroying moment in our lives.”

Kosher – NeuroblastomaRaewyn C. - Auckland, NZ

“Thank you Love Transfusion. You gave me the little hope I needed when I was starting to lose it. Thank you.”

Jacob – Liver CancerNatasha G. - El Paso, Texas
Here are a few past Recipients…
“One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life.  That word is Love.~ Sophocles

Please Help Us Bring Comfort to Children Battling Cancer 24/7/365

Ways you can help:

  1. Sign up to be notified when parents of children diagnosed with cancer request social support.

  2. Share this page your friends or other people who you believe may be interested in partnering with us.

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What has Love Transfusion done so far?

Over the last 3 years, we have served as a conduit for over 10,000,000 expressions of love and encouragement for individuals and families in the midst of crisis situations.  The vast majority have been for children battling cancer.

Thank you for your interest in our mission.  We realize this is a bit unconventional and appreciate your openness to exploring new ways of using technology and relationships to positively impact the world. This fundraising campaign was created to invite people with caring hearts to partner with us as we continue to expand our services.  If our cause resonates with you, we could really use your help by scrolling up (mobile users scroll down) and choosing from the options on the right side of this page.  We will be forever grateful and more importantly — so will our users. Do you know of ways to help a child battling cancer?  We are always eager to hear suggestions.  Please share your thoughts by commenting below or contacting us directly.

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